Scars Update

With 80% of Scars already in the can, we pick up filming next weekend in, of all places, an automated toilet. Cue hilarious misunderstandings involving a small group of men, a camera and a public loo.

Since our principal photography the rushes have been transcoded to Apple ProRes ready for editing and are looking really nice if we say so ourselves. We shot everything using a Canon 7D DSLR which gives us the advantage of using different photographic lenses and is also very compact which was essential to get a few of the shots. There are disadvantages to using essentially a stills camera that shoots video, but as long as you bear them in mind you can get excellent results.

Thoughts are now turning to the soundtrack and we have been hearing some great examples from Mo Plume, our composer. Mo is a classically trained musician as well as being a film fan so we’re really excited to hear how he interprets the story through music.

Check in soon for more updates.....