Write on...

A wise man once told me that you can’t call yourself a screenwriter if you don’t actually write anything.

Just having a story rattling around in your head is no good unless it falls out. A good tip is to try and write down thoughts and ideas as they come to you (or shortly afterwards if, as in my case, you have most of your ideas in the shower). The process of writing down your ideas really helps when you come to pull them all together because it is a valuable preliminary editing process. It can be quite encouraging to look at something again and think; “wow, that wasn’t bad for me” or “I can’t even remember how I came up with that”. Even saying to yourself: “what the hell were you on when you wrote that?!” is as important as the little nuggets when it comes to working out what makes the final draft.

So this weekend I sat down and wrote the first couple of pages of “Hey Presto”. It will be the second short film from Jellymash which we hope to shoot early next year. It deals with peoples’ first impressions of others and how we can all tend to pigeon-hole sometimes. With a few magic tricks thrown in for good measure.

Now.....when do I start on that elusive first feature film......?

Have a fantastic week,