Scars is going Viral!

As you read this blog, we are busy programming a movie-specific website for Scars to start to generate some viral interest.

The site will appear to be that of Brenner Research, the fictional drug company at the heart of our story. As you explore the site it will become obvious that we are promoting a film and not saving mankind - there will be notes, plot synopses, photos and eventually a trailer for the film itself. The Brenner Research site will also offer an insight into the back story of our main character, Susan Brenner which is only hinted at in the film.

We are using RapidWeaver to upload both this site and the new one for Scars and it is meeting our needs very well - it's cheap, easy to use and has a range of templates that do a lot of the hard work for you. Although there are limitations, I would recommend it if you want a web presence without the hassle of learning the code as it were.

We will also be adding ways for you to contact us for both sites (other than Facebook and Twitter - what do you mean you haven't added us yet?!) so that the flow of information changes from a stream to a river. In fact, there should now be a way of adding comments to this blog page if we have clicked on the right button so feel free to start right away.

The next and final shoot days for Scars are fast approaching which means in a few weeks time we will start the post-production process. Cue blogs covering editing, grading and computer effects as well as a day in the life of a foley artist or "How to Make a Living Hammering Melons".

Until the next time, take care.


3 Men and a Toilet

Shooting on “Scars” continued on Sunday as Chris, Mark and I travelled around South London looking for public toilets.

This particular scene calls for the character Mark Brandon to spend a penny in one of those automated loos. We started out by seeking permission to film with the relevant local authorities but quite who owns the toilets and therefore could give permission was proving to be tricky, and in any case even if we were granted permission for a particular site, we would take a chance on the toilet being out of order. So we went Commando so to speak and shot it guerilla style.

Our first choice location in Blackheath went down the pan (sorry) as the loo was out of order and so we moved to our No.2 (sorry again) location in Grove Park. The only problem there was that the toilets in the Borough of Lewisham are all now free and in the script we had decided that a pee would cost 10p. Luckily for us, Chris was a master of sleight of hand and was able to fake dropping the money into the slot. Any odd looks that we may have been getting from passers by were offset by the fact we were wearing our hi-viz jackets. Just as when we erected a fake speed camera, it is amazing how much latitude people give you if you look 'official'. In any case, we weren't breaking any laws - as you may know it is perfectly legal to film in a public place as long as you're not obstructing anybody or causing a disturbance. It is still better to check that where you are planning to film is in a public place to avoid any hassle on the day, for example places like Trafalgar Square and the Royal Parks in London are prohibited.

I'm glad to report that all of the shots looked good and we left flushed with success. Ok, I'll stop that now.

Stay tuned as we move into the final days of shooting in the next couple of weeks, before moving on to post production.

Thanks for reading,


Scars Update

With 80% of Scars already in the can, we pick up filming next weekend in, of all places, an automated toilet. Cue hilarious misunderstandings involving a small group of men, a camera and a public loo.

Since our principal photography the rushes have been transcoded to Apple ProRes ready for editing and are looking really nice if we say so ourselves. We shot everything using a Canon 7D DSLR which gives us the advantage of using different photographic lenses and is also very compact which was essential to get a few of the shots. There are disadvantages to using essentially a stills camera that shoots video, but as long as you bear them in mind you can get excellent results.

Thoughts are now turning to the soundtrack and we have been hearing some great examples from Mo Plume, our composer. Mo is a classically trained musician as well as being a film fan so we’re really excited to hear how he interprets the story through music.

Check in soon for more updates.....